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  1. chocmintsify
    chocmintsify says:

    This song is amazing but the MV is appalling :/// Her MVs for her debut
    album were so much better.. this is such a low quality production :(

  2. Brandon Hughey
    Brandon Hughey says:

    Only 700k views in 3 years?…. and her vevo only has 20k subscribers?…
    so underrated and under appreciated. 

  3. John Ward
    John Ward says:

    Lip sync? Forget that – she is one of the few performers in the world
    today, who – live – can play AND sing powerfully note perfect and with
    amazing stage presence. Real talent, all class. 

  4. Scott Brazil
    Scott Brazil says:

    i love you delta!
    your songs are amazing…
    p.s you were a gr8 mentor on the voice kids



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