14 Replies to “بوسي سمير – طرب 6rb –”

  1. @MrRaffi1 Just wanna tell you to learn English before you speak it or even
    write it looooool, you didn’t get horny because you’re “gay” and believe me
    you’re the one who has to be called “sick” ! huh sick people from all of
    the world…

  2. معتقدش ان فى راجل محترم يقبل يخليكى على ذمته ؟؟؟كبيرك ليله بورقه عرفى اومن
    غيرها مش هتفرك معاكى

  3. listen your arabs people,this is nothing…..the wrong is with YOU,just
    leav every one a lone,this is her thing,just let her do it. so what…..
    did you see her underwear? No ! did you see her vagina? NO! stop,you are so
    fucking 2 facees. you have 4 wifes,why? so you can fuck and fuck and
    fuck,whay Bossi not gonna fuck? GO Bossy,you rock,the stuff you do,is very
    funny and thats dont make me horni,not a secund. grow up arab peopel, you
    have a sick tradition.

  4. انت ساقطه انت سافله انت واطيه انت عاهره يا حشره انت قذره ليش هيك لاحت

  5. بحبّـه هُـوّهـ .. يَ قلبـي هُـوّهـ .. تعبـت منـه .. تآعبنـي هُـوّهـ ..
    أدخـل له جُـوّهـ .. يجينـي بـرّهـ .. أطلع له بـرّهـ .. يجينـي جُـوّهـ

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