17 Replies to “جوليا بطرس – طرب 6rb –”

  1. Im really surprised how an educated christian lebanese singer support an
    iranian terrorist organisation such as Hezbulaah . Some of her songs
    talking about killing ,destroying the others .the culture of death ,hatred
    and destroying the others could be the teaching of the islamic cult of
    hizbullah but not for someone claiming to be a christian . Jesus said love
    and pray for your enemy .

  2. Очень мне нравится ее голос,жаль не понятны слова.Поёт душой-мороз по коже

  3. الله يحفظك ويحفظ هالصوت المقاوم والمسالم والمحب والشجي والنقي والأكثر من
    رائع يا جواليا الله يحفظك ،،

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