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  1. idalati
    idalati says:


  2. HAMEDC61
    HAMEDC61 says:

    mashaallah , allah bless u , i dont know arabic but realy i enjoy ur
    singing , keep it up , realy u killed me with ur first way of singing
    second voice

  3. entalee
    entalee says:

    He is the best one ever in super star and also better than all these el
    nashazeen today. even melhem barakat can’t get this song this way in fact
    I’m lebanese

  4. samuel7745
    samuel7745 says:

    future tv is an israel tv we don t listen to your news and your fucking
    journal al moustakbal ,.. you are a killer all al hariri except rafiq el
    hariri my respect


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