18 Replies to “طوني كيوان – طرب 6arab –”

  1. i dont understand u deli.what is ur problem.i dont like it thatswhy i wrote
    this.why do u feel offended.calm down.its just a comment to a song

  2. immer wenn ich dieses lied höre denke ich an UELZEN hehe …..Das Waarr soo
    gAiilll aboo…..ich liebe das lied ist gaiil..

  3. w7yatik intii shtilik. b3arif 7alee shu 3mltilikk..2lbii by7lifilikk b2ilik
    la la la la la laaa tz3alaaa. <3 <3 y2borniiiiiii el libnaneyaa ana.

  4. u r totally ugly and mas5ara ya haabiibii, ur comment is useless and ppl
    like u make the internet experience worse. just rate when u dont like dont
    post stupid comments thanks uploader!

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