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  1. Mrs0Tamara
    Mrs0Tamara says:

    @olineee2010 Yeah I know, but what am saying is that they believe Krishna
    is a God and that Krishna created the world. What an exciting experience
    you have been through 😀

  2. olineee2010
    olineee2010 says:

    @Mrs0Tamara Krishna is Satan, i been once to there classes, they do retuals
    so you can see God, in real its satanic retuals!

  3. AymanCato91
    AymanCato91 says:

    انا بحب اوووي صوتك يا فادي وخاصا ف الاغنية دي عجباني جدا ياااريت يا جماعة
    لو حد يقدر يجيبلي لينك تحمل اغنية دوم ماري دوم لاني عاوزها ضروري بصيغة الام
    بي 3 اتمنى حد يرد علياااااااا

  4. Dodo Lolo
    Dodo Lolo says:

    أغنية رائعة جدا تعجبني منذ 2004 وملحنتها امرأة هي أميرة نجم وهذا هو سحر

  5. Othman Chaouki
    Othman Chaouki says:

    @cr3zymo0n it’s hindi…old song “hare krishna hare rama by Asha Bholse”
    but I heard that Hare Krishna hare Rama is a kind of prayer..or something

  6. olineee2010
    olineee2010 says:

    @Mrs0Tamara no i been to there retuals and stuff, they teach you to put
    your finger on your forehead for hours, as this is the third eye between
    your eyes, and after you will see beings and stuff, Jinn demons, and they
    believe so much in magic, they scared the hell out of me lol


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