22 Replies to “فطومة – الحان –”

  1. Well this song talks about a person named Guare He sings in the video
    Ghawar this like a young girl named Fatuma and work every Hieki love and
    marry him, but she was like another person named Hosni Alborzan and try
    Guare to sign Hosni Alborzan but failed and entered the prison and married
    Fatoom of Hosni Ghawar insong cry on his love of Fatoom

  2. I like this song even I don’t know what it says. What don’t you write the
    letter and then the meaning in English.

  3. اسقى الله هديك الايام ، شو حلوة الغنية شو حلوين العالم شو حلوة البساطة.

  4. الله يرحم هديك الايام , ايام سوريا اللي كان الكل بيحب بعضه ايام المحبة
    والمودة والسلام , الله يرجع الامان لبلادنا العربية كلها 

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