25 Replies to “محمود كاستن – طرب طرب توب –”

  1. هههههههههه عامل زي حبيبي بظبط بيقول زيه كده لما يبقي عايز يبرر نفسه بس سونج

  2. لو جاله قلبى يبعد عنه وماله بكره يعرف مين يبقاله واللى مش ممكن

  3. shut up u fat unknown creature why the hell are u talking for, u don’t know
    me and u don’t know which team i support, actually, i’m from Portsaid and i
    supported El-Ahly, so go and fuck your self u moist shit, as well as go and
    learn English don’t get happy over this tiny little word ‘Fuck’ that u
    learnt ohhh, well done KMT, u was born in an cardboard box. :p, get a life,
    at the end we all Egyptians from the same country u stupid, use this brain
    that god provided u. :p

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