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  1. ahmed nawar
    ahmed nawar says:

    هههههههههه عامل زي حبيبي بظبط بيقول زيه كده لما يبقي عايز يبرر نفسه بس سونج

  2. MrElassal
    MrElassal says:

    لو جاله قلبى يبعد عنه وماله بكره يعرف مين يبقاله واللى مش ممكن

  3. Nadin Ward
    Nadin Ward says:

    shut up u fat unknown creature why the hell are u talking for, u don’t know
    me and u don’t know which team i support, actually, i’m from Portsaid and i
    supported El-Ahly, so go and fuck your self u moist shit, as well as go and
    learn English don’t get happy over this tiny little word ‘Fuck’ that u
    learnt ohhh, well done KMT, u was born in an cardboard box. :p, get a life,
    at the end we all Egyptians from the same country u stupid, use this brain
    that god provided u. :p


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