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  1. Ahmed From Ukraine
    Ahmed From Ukraine says:

    I’m Palestinian/Lebanese and I live in ukraine already 7 years.. I want to
    tell you guys.. that I had the same problem when I came to ukraine.. I
    didnt know anyone.. I didnt know anything.. and the first arab people I
    met, they fucked me up in the back :).. this movie is great.. but it doesnt
    mean that every arab leave his country to europe, he will become rich.. not
    at all.. there are arabs living in europe, worse than living at their
    home!!!.. and about the ladies, 100% true :)beautiful

  2. Ahmed Adel
    Ahmed Adel says:

    اللي عايز يسافر يدينا كومنت ويقول البلد اللى نفسه يروح يشق فيها طريقه


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