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  1. اااااااااااااااااااااااااااالله اااااااااااااااااااالله

    مخطرتش على بالك يوم جوها سيجارة حشيش ههههههههههههههههه

  2. روووووووووعـــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــة

  3. وائـــــــــــل جــــــــــســـــــــــــار = عندما يكون للأغنية رونق وجمال مع عذوبة الصـــــــوت

    تستحق الكثير ياوائل جســار رغم الظلم الإعلامي !

  4. ماخطرتش على بالك يوم تسأل عني
    وعنيا مجافيها النوم .. النوم يا مسهرني

    أنا قلبي بيسألني .. إيه غير أحواله
    ويقولي بقا يعني .. يعني ماخطرتش على باله

    أمال غلاوة حبك فين .. وفين حنان قلبه عليا
    وفين حلاوة قربك فين .. فين الوداد والحنية

    يا نسيني وانت على بالي
    وخيالك ما يفارق عيني
    ريحني واعطف على حالي
    وارحمني من كتر ظنوني

    لا عنيا بيهواها النوم
    ولا بخطر على بالك يوم
    تسأل عني ..
    يااااااااااا يا مسهرني

  5. ما خطرتش على بالك يوم تسال عني .وعنيع مقافيها النوم يا مسهرني

  6. @quilmesfiesta
    Soron the MORON can’t emerge on a bloody donkey in a million year because he’s a donkey himself. Every nation evolved forward except kurds, they’ve been experiencing a backward evolution ;0)

  7. @quilmesfiesta
    Thanks for your comments. This retard is hurting his own people with this hate and sordidness. He has no brain to use as he’s been attacking our culture and our religion and yet he and his inbred nation of invalids were never able to achieve anything in their miserable history but rather imitating our culture, food, music, religion and yet they have the audacity to attack our culture. I saw him posting on another board attacking Islam and Muslims, Typical of an invalid

  8. @soranB55
    emerging???? mate I can’t even see you emerging on a bloody donkey in a million years.

    wasn’t Zarabani kissing Saddam Hussain’s shoes to protect your worthless behinds from Mama Jalal

    lakom mako 3idkom culture, mako civilization… 3aysheen b zirbankom…ya emerging yea dhira6…. lak Arbeel airport 3abalak takeaway.

  9. @scalchas

    Their nation of mongrels think they are on top of the world …. but have u ever heard of any kurd that is famous for something… except retardation… lol all the Iraqi jokes must have a Kurdi in it

  10. @shomzabe

    يمعود بس قول له يا كردي هاي اكبر اهانه بالعراق…ههههه

  11. @shomzabe

    Man just report this guy… his other comments were deleted by Youtube because apparently he was not only racist to Arabs but also to other groups.

    lol this inbred’s case is intersting, he has also posted and displayed acts of retardation on other sites… just look him up man.

  12. @3azzuz08
    shut up fuckhead. You don’t want to say anything about the hate this soron spewing against Islam and Arabs but you’re attacking the one who reacts to his hate. Maybe because you’re a fuckhead kurd just like him. centuries after we’ve tried to civilize you with music, names, religion food etc.. you still a bunch of backward tribal Aghbia’a. Do us a favor : don’t stop taking your medications

  13. @shomzabe
    انت بالفعل شخص مريض و بحاجة الى علاج نفسي. يا اخي استمتع بالأغنية

  14. @3azzuz08
    Fuck you asshole, you seem to be another invalid inbred kurd, are you? Or are you a cousin of this soron the morons ulas, from the kurdish ulas family in turkey that walk on all 4, and who wants to see all Arabs and Muslims dead aere you? I usede to be symapthetic to the kurds until I started reading the nazi hate the asshole kurds have toward others. With a bakward evolution, kurds are so feeble minded and mutakhalifun right in the head. Fuck off.

  15. @shomzabe
    انت شخص مريض و هذا واضح من تعليقاتك الفارغة و التافهة. يا اخي استمتع بالأغنية

  16. @soranB55
    Soron the Moron Ulas, where is the post in which Mazoz thanked you? Your desparation leads you to talk to yourself and imagine things ha? typical of an invalid who comes from an inbred culture. I guess you drank too much bol al baeer ha? Arabs brewed that specially for the Hameer kurds !! ;0)

  17. @quilmesfiesta
    Their Ghaba’a comes from centuries of inbreeding as their culture refuse to assimilate with any other culture. Their gene pool is so fucked up after started marrying their sisters and mothers and producing kurds that walk on all 4 as we see in southern turkey with the like of the Ulas family. 19 kurds all with backward evolution. while all humans everywhere progressed, Kurds as the only bunch of invailds who still walk on all 4 like the animals they are LOL

  18. @soranB55
    Soron the Moron Ulas : Just as we’ve been fucking your women for the last 1400 years asshole. After all, you have thaqafatul sharamit. God knows we’ve tried to improve your gene pool after hundreds of years of kurdish inbreeding but once an invalid is always an invalid. Bol Al baeer was created specially as a perfume for kurdish mustaches and to wash kudirsh sirwals ;0). What did your culture develop in it’s invaild miserable history? ZERO !!!!

  19. @mazoz85
    You always welcome.
    Isn’t it amazing how I manged by mentioning ثقافة بول البعير on my first comment to make some people stuck to your video ?!!
    THis Wael is very good singer. Beautiful voice too.
    Thanks for uploading and sharing.

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